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1. Alcătuiți fraze cu următoarele cuvinte și redați traducerea lor (30 puncte):

1. chat:
2. enjoy:
3. cheer up:
4. kitten:
5. statistics:
6. lend:
7. royal:
8. pass:
9. keen in:
10. desk:
11. yellow:
12. diving:
13. weight:
14. juice:
15. blizzard:

2. Completați spațiile libere (23 puncte):

1. ”Hi. I'm here to take a room.” ”Do you have a _____________?”
2. ”Nice to ________ you.” ”The ___________ is all mine.”
3. I can't wait for the ___________ to come. I want to see the first flowers.
4. It's _________. You should take a cab. I think it will ________.
5. My ________ hurts. Maybe you didn't __________ well last night.
6. My sister has a boy and a girl. My __________'s name is Michael and my ________ is Anna.
7. Do you live ________? Yes, my appartment is ___________ to the History Museum.
8. The __________ are dangerous wild ____________. They're covered with black stripes.
9. Could you _________ me a menu, please? I'd like to __________.
10. I've __________ to Cambridge University. I hope I have a chance.
11. They left in vacation without any travel ___________. They could have _____________ problems.
12. August is the __________ month of the year.
13. She said you __________ her there without any explanation.
14. _________ I go to the bathroom, teacher?
15. I ____________ leave now if it's OK with you, too.

3. Traduceţi frazele următoare (20 puncte):

1. Bună seara, doamnă. Ce mai faceți?
2. Ea va pleca la Paris luni. Se va întoarce, totuși, vineri.
3. Nu îmi place vremea. E mohorâtă. Sper că mâine va fi senin.
4. E o fată slăbuță, cu părul blond și cu ochii albaștri.
5. Merg la restaurant în seara asta.Voi purta o rochie lungă și neagră.

6. I heard you were injured. Are you all right now?
7. Please, Barbara. Can I come with you? I always wanted to go there.
8. Walk down the street, and make right at the lights. You will find there the store.
9. What would you like, madam? Do you prefer fish or chicken?
10. My cousin finished highschool and will come to live with me. You'll like him.

4. Corectaţi greşelile din propozițiile de mai jos (7 puncte):

1. You're ought to find her imediately.
2. My english teacher will came to us to talk to my mother.
3. My sister told me you are looking for me.
4. People thinks we are big enough to drive.
5. I heard you were there. Is it true? Did you be there?

5. Specificaţi tipul părţilor de vorbire subliniate în propoziţiile mai jos (10 puncte):

  1. My sister is in Madrid with her husband.
  2. When I saw him coming, I realized he followed me there.
  3. You are the second person who tells me about the world's seven wonders these days.
  4. I heard you left then and never played football again.
  5. That little man speaks more loudly than anyone I know.
  6. I just found this wallet. Is it yours?

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