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  1. ”Hi. I'm here to take a room.” ”Do you have a reservation/booking?”
  2. ”Nice to meet you.” ”The pleasure is all mine.”
  3. I can't wait for the spring to come. I want to see the first flowers.
  4. It's cloudy. You should take a cab. I think it will rain.
  5. My neck hurts. Maybe you didn't sleep well last night.
  6. My sister has a boy and a girl. My nephew's name is Michael and my niece is Anna.
  7. Do you live near by? Yes, my appartment is next to the History Museum.
  8. The tigers are dangerous wild animals. They're covered with black stripes.
  9. Could you bring me a menu, please? I'd like to order.
  10. I've applied to Cambridge University. I hope I have a chance.
  11. They left in vacation without any travel agency. They could have accomodation problems.
  12. August is the hottest month of the year.
  13. She said you left her there without any explanation.
  14. May I go to the bathroom, teacher?
  15. I would leave now if it's OK with you, too.

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