12. Pronumele posesiv Engleza, Adjectivul pronominal posesiv , Pronumele demonstrativ - Exercitii de Verificare Cunostinte si Teste Gramatica Engleza Gratuit Online pentru Incepatori, Copii, Scolari, Studenti


4.1. Găsiţi în fragment pronumele şi adjectivele pronominale şi specificaţi tipul lor. (Find in the text the pronouns and the pronominal adjectives and specify their type.)

4.2. Completaţi spaţiile libere (Fill in the blanks):

a) He is ________ company's director. (demonstrativ, de apropiere)
b) __________ grandmother is in town. They are not supposed to go out. (posesiv, pers. a III-a, pl.)
c) ________ project is incomplete, you still need to work on it. (posesiv, pers. a II-a, sg.)
d) I just love _________ book. Do you know who wrote it? (demonstrativ, de depărtare)
e) They admired _________ new house and admitted __________ is not ready yet. (posesiv, pers. I, pl - pers. a III-a, pl.)

4.3. Traduceţi în engleză frazele. Utilizaţi dicţionarul acolo unde este nevoie (Translate into English the following phrases. Use the dictionary where needed):

a) Ceasul lui s-a stricat și am cumpărat asta pentru el.
b) Crezi că îi va plăcea această rochie?
c) Unde este telefonul tău? Vroiam să îi arăt lui James poza aceea.

4.4. Traduceţi în limba română textul. Utilizaţi dicţionarul acolo unde este nevoie (Translate into Romanian the following text. Use the dictionary where needed):

These days will be very tiring for us. On Monday we have an interview with the dean of a well known college 50 miles from here. That is my favourite university and I hope I'll be able to impress that board. I can't help thinking about those men who will listen to dozens of future students in a single day. I surely wouldn't want their job.

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