15. Rezolvari - Substantive Engleza, Formare Plural Exercitii , Solutii Teste de Verificare Cunostinte Gramatica Engleza Gratuit Online


4.1. answers, operators, debts, rates, hours, strangers.

4.2. means - means, copy - copies, furniture - 0, luggage - 0 şi party - parties

a) Astronomers say that Jupiter has no less than 57 _moons_ (moon).
b) Did you know the prices of the precious _metals_ (metal) have doubled this year?
c) I'll have some _bread_ (bread), thank you.
d) Meet me there in an hour. I want to talk to the _boys_ (boy) first to hear their _stories/story_ (story).
e) This closet is made of three different types of _wood_ (wood).

a) Please, ladies first.
Te rog, mai întâi doamnele.

b) I accidentally broke one of his favourite ashtrays. He's collecting them.
Am spart din greşeală una din scrumierele lui preferate. Le colecţioneză.
c) He replaced all his furniture.
El şi-a schimbat toată mobila.

a) Lasă-mă să te ajut cu bagajele.
Let me help you with the luggage.
b) Avem nevoie de cantităţi mai mari de oxigen.
We need greater amounts of oxygen.
c) Banii nu aduc fericirea.
Money doesn't bring happiness.

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