13. Discutie In pauza- Solutii Teste Cuvinte si Rezolvari Exercitii Vocabular Engleza Gratuit Online


I remember my first day at school.
I meet her later at the gym.
She woke up early because she had lots to take care of.
She begins to worry about her daughter.
Dress with something nice and let's go.

2.2. sneakers (adidași) = teniși, expensive (scump) = costisitor, ordinary (obișnuit) = comun, normal, rich (bogat) = avut, înstărit.

Good evening, madam. Can I do _something_ for you?
Yes, you can. Help me, please, to find a _blouse_.
Sure. What _colour_ and size do you have in mind?
I want something black, _size_ M.
Here are various models. Please _try_ on anything you like.

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