12. In Clasa la Scoala - Solutii Teste Cuvinte si Rezolvari Exercitii Vocabular Engleza Gratuit Online


My brother-in-law is a bus driver in our city.
He covered his plans as soon as we entered the room.
I think this picture is absolutely stunning.
She needs to find a job right away.
My favourite class is about French culture and civilization.

a) A fi sau a nu fi. Iată întrebarea.
b) Nu judeca o carte după copertă.
c) Muncește din greu. Nimic nu e gratis.

a) My _classmate_'s name is Paul. He is my best friend of all colleagues.
b) Jason didn't sleep last night because he _studied_ for the English _exam/test_.
c) Can you please summarize the _text/lesson_? I didn't read it and I wanted to get an idea.
d) You will graduate next month. Have you applied for a _college_ yet?
e) Our History _teacher_ promised us a visit to the local Museum.

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