11. In vizita prin Romania - Solutii Teste Cuvinte si Rezolvari Exercitii Vocabular Engleza Gratuit Online


They were taken apart when their parents got divorced.
I still remeber the details of that imposing castle we visited years ago.
We need a proffesional guide to lead us on this unfamiliar land.
The pupil didn't hide the small grade taken on the test.
I will definitely come back to visit other corners of this beautiful country.

2.2. country (ţară) = stat, ancient (antic) = străvechi, cave (peșteră) = grotă și century (secol) = veac

2.3. seaside resorts (Black Sea), mountain resorts (Poiana Brașov, Predeal, Sinaia), Sibiu-Sighișoara tours, the Bran Castle, the Northern Moldavia monasteries, the Bears' and the Scarisoara Cave, the Red Lake next to the Cheile Bicazului, saxon villages in Transylvania, the Danube Delta

a) The Romanian _Southern_ border is given by the Danube.
b) My friends suggested to go on a __trip_ in the mountains. We'll go camping.
c) I visited the Peleș __Castle_ a few years ago with my parents.

a) România este faimoasă în lumea întreagă pentru Legenda Contelui Dracula.
Romania is famous in the whole world for the Count Dracula's Legend
b) Mulți turiști vizitează această țară și se gândesc la ea mult timp după aceea.
Lots of tourists visit this country and think of it long time after that.
c) Țările din Europa de Vest au o economie mult mai dezvoltată.
Western Europe countries have a more developed economy.

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